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Value For Money

8.8 /10

Active Authentic Users

8.3 /10

Intuitive Experience

8.6 /10

Customer Experience

8.0 /10

Privacy and Safety

8.7 /10

Zoosk was launched nearly a decade ago, but it is one of the few dating sites that are relevant even today. It’s not just the look and feel of the website, but the various features it packs that makes you feel like the website launched just a year or two back. It has even managed to beat dating site giants such as match.com and win numerous awards for their exemplary service. From its inception to today, Zoosk.com has managed to amass over 38 million users worldwide. The site also claims to have over 3 million messages sent daily amongst their members, which is a staggering number for a dating site. Moreover, Zoosk also helps people suffering from STDs to find their ideal partners. A lot of dating sites leave people who are inflicted with sexually transmitted viruses out in the cold. Sites like Zoosk.com, however, invite people from all walks of life into their community to find their perfect counterparts.


Zoosk may not be as old as some of the top dating sites, but it sure does pack a punch by differentiating themselves from the rest of the pack. They claim to have more female members than males, which is great for a dating website. Out of their 38 million members, over 52 percent are women whereas only 48 percent are men. The site has been applauded by many, for their ingenious strategy of using dating data to users regularly through its blog. Everything about Zoosk.com sounds great, but does it actually help individuals to find their ideal partners?

First Impression

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At first glance, Zoosk.com looks inviting and refreshing with its bold color scheme and intuitive layout. The website wastes no time in getting to the heart of their content, which is amazing because nobody wants to spend an hour simply registering an account. The design isn’t over the top like a few other sites. The layout is simple and easy to navigate, which is the main purpose of a dating site.

How to Use

When you enter the site for the first time, you have to create your account by filling in some basic details about yourself. Then, you need to fill in some additional info about your preferences, habits etc and once that is done, you can start browsing the site. The whole process only takes a few minutes, unlike other sites which require you to fill several pages worth of information before you can start using the site. Some of the options you can find on the home page are:

Carousel – This option is basically a hot or not feature, but with the additional option of “maybe”. So if you meet a member whom you kind of like, but not that much, you can choose the third option.

Search – This allows you to refine various parameters and look for ideal partners. You have a basic search as well as an advanced one with more options.

Online Now – This option shows you members who are online at a particular point of time.

Connections – Shows all the connections you have made so far on the site.

Smart Pick – This option matches you with other members, based on parameters that you fill in.

Insights – This is a unique feature found only in Zoosk.com. Here, you get to see a summary of the type of people who have liked your profile.


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Some of the unique features found on Zoosk are:

Carousel – Each time you choose an option, your bar fills up bit by bit. Once the entire bar fills up, the system will automatically search for an ideal match from all the profiles you swiped. This is a very cool version of the traditional, match swipe feature found on dating sites.

Search – The search option is pretty similar to other dating sites, but what is interesting is the layout. Unlike other sites, member profiles fill up the screen and you get to scroll through each one until the end of the list. Its way more immersive than seeing a row of small profile pictures, all cluttered up together.

Insights – This is one amazing feature that you can only find on this website. Insights basically track all the people who have liked your profile and show you a summary of the type of people who like your personality. It takes into account all the information both you and the members who liked you have put forth and uses it to generalize the type of individual who seem to like you. This can help you to better understand the way other members think and feel about you.

Profile Authenticity

Zoosk.com has a massive user base and tons of active users. Unlike other dating sites, you will find very less troll accounts here. You also get more messages from members than most other sites, which means that a lot of real people use Zoosk.com for their dating needs. Certain countries have higher density of users and so it will be easier to find matches quickly there. But overall, there seems to be a healthy number of active users across all countries.

Safety and Security

Zoosk works with Sift Science and other security companies to ensure that your personal information is guarded efficiently and properly. In addition to that, Zoosk.com also has a feature called Insignia which allows people in the U.S to verify their profiles by linking their Facebook profile or personal information documents, such as driver’s license, phone number etc. This allows members to know for a fact if the other individual is a real person genuinely interesting in finding a partner.


Coins – You can buy coins to unlock several features such as carousel matches, increase profile visibility, delivery confirmation on messages sent etc.

Paid Membership – Being a paid member has several advantages such as sending and receiving messages, chatting, unlocking and adding people who visited your profile etc. Paid membership packages come in different deals such as:

  • 1 Month – $29.95
  • 3 Months – $59.95
  • 6 Months – $74.95
  • 12 Months – $149.88


Zoosk is an amazing dating site that keeps you engaged and interested throughout your browsing experience. It has some really unique features that you can’t find anywhere else and you don’t have to worry about countless ads popping up as you browse the site. The insight feature is just amazing and oodles of fun to explore. If there is one thing that could improve the site, it would be the addition of more awesome features like insights and smart picks. All in all, Zoosk.com is hands down one of the best dating sites you can find today.


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