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Value For Money

9.2 /10

Active Authentic Users

9.1 /10

Intuitive Experience

9.0 /10

Customer Experience

8.7 /10

Privacy and Safety

8.9 /10

OkCupid.com is one of the top online dating sites that you can find today and has a massive user base of over 30 million active users. Unlike other generic dating sites, OkCupid has something unique which makes them stand apart from the rest. For some reason, over the years, OkCupid.com has managed to reel in several subsets of kinky people ranging from fetishists to fur lovers and many more. So, not only are you able to find normal relationships here, but you can also find people who are into the same fetishes as you. You can also interact with and discover other members through numerous avenues streamlined for finding the perfect matches.


OkCupid is not only targeted towards people looking for serious relationships, but also people who are looking for hook ups and fetishes. Moreover, the site also allows people who suffer from STDs to find their dream partners by making use of the various tools available. The inclusive nature of the website makes it possible for people from all walks of life and medical conditions to find their ideal partners. OkCupid.com is a super sleek website that has a massive active user base. But where does it stand amongst all the other sites today? Let’s find out.

First Impression

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OkCupid is definitely one of the nicer looking dating sites in the market today. From the colors, to the design and layout, everything pops and entices you to continue browsing. Everything you need to start searching is right there in front of you, making it extremely accessible and intuitive. This website is truly one of the best looking dating sites you will find today.

How to Use

As soon as you enter the site for the first time, you need to create an account by using your email and creating a password. Once that is done, you have to upload a profile picture before you get started. Once you have uploaded a picture of your face, you have to fill up a small questionnaire that will help the site to find ideal matches for you. These questions are targeted not only at you, but also the type of people you are looking for. Once it is done, you can start browsing the site. You can answer additional questions later to refine your possible matches further. Some of the options you can find on the home page are:

Browse Matches – This allows you to look for potential matches found by the site, according to the questionnaire you had answered in the beginning. You can further refine your search by making use of the filter tool.

Double Take – This option randomly selects matching member profiles for you and you have to either pass on them or mark them as favorite. If you like the other member’s profile, they will get a notification. If they are also interested, you can then take things forward via messaging.

Purchase A-List –This option allows you to opt for the premium services of the website. It significantly expands your searching capabilities and unlocks several tools to find the perfect match.


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Some of the unique features found on OkCupid.com are:

Huge User Base – OkCupid has over 30 million active users who use the site every day which is an enormous number. Members come from all over the world and so no matter where you are from, there’s a good chance you will find a lot of good matches.

Premium features – If you opt for the Premium A-List service, you can use various exclusive features such as invisible browsing, store messages, search more efficiently etc.

Quick Match – This feature allows you to quickly get paired with potential matches based on your preferences. The more detailed your questionnaire is, the better matches you will find here.

Profile Authenticity

As one of the most popular dating sites in the world today, OkCupid.com has its share of weird people, but overall most of the member profiles are real and active. When you have such a massive user base, it’s very difficult to screen profiles and so sometimes trolls do manage to slip through the cracks. However, the beautiful thing here is that OkCupid appeals not only to people who are looking for normal relationships, but those who want something weird and kinky too.

Safety and Security

OkCupid.com allows its users to interact with other members anonymously and gives control to the user. So you get to control who sees your profile and how much of it. You can even change your username if you have a paid subscription, allowing you to remain completely anonymous, if that is your wish. You can go through their privacy policy on the website to know more about it.


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Free Membership – Users can browse and like member profiles for free. However, to really make the best of the site’s tools, you need to go for a paid membership.

Paid Membership – Paid membership packages come in different deals such as:

  • Boost
  • 10 Boosts – $1.69 per each
  • 5 Boosts – $1.89 per each
  • 1 Boost – $1.99 per each
  • A-List Basic
  • 1 Month – $19.95 per month
  • 3 Months – $14.95 per month
  • 6 Months – $9.95 per month
  • A-List Premium
  • 1 Month – $34.90 per month
  • 3 Months – $29.90 per month
  • 6 Months – $24.90 per month


Hence, OkCupid is by far one of the best dating options you have today. It is visually appealing, incredibly intuitive to use and has a massive active user base. You can also find people from all walks of life from kinky fetishists to potential life partners and even people with STDs. The website is extremely inclusive and provides an excellent experience for all. The only negative aspect we can think of is that, the site could perhaps use additional unique features like its questionnaire format to increase appeal. With one or two special features, OkCupid.com has the potential to dominate the online dating market.


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