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9.0 /10 is considered by many to be the biggest online dating sites available today. It has been helping people find their romantic partners for nearly two decades now. The online dating industry has gone through several ups and downs throughout its history, but has somehow managed to stand the test of time by making necessary changes whenever needed. What’s more, the site also allows people suffering from STDs to find their ideal partners due to its amazing search tool functionality. Most generic dating sites don’t really cater to people with STDS and so it’s a pretty great thing that appeals to a wider range of audience. With several features and a unique matching algorithm, still strives to be the best online dating site today.

Intro is the site people go to when they realize that wasting time and money on generic dating sites is pointless. The popular dating site has over time, become a household name of sorts. They have a huge user base and even claim to have created more second dates than any other site. It certainly has some very unique features which help individuals find other like-minded people easily, but after so many years, does it still have what it takes to be number 1? Let’s find out.

First Impression

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Visually, provides an average experience. The design and layout is clean with a vibrant blue color splashed on the top bar. It really could have used a more unique design to make the site stand out more from its competitors. Not that it needs it, but after some point you do end up asking yourself why one of the best online dating sites looks this bad? And once you ask that, you might find yourself in search of a hot new site pretty soon.

How to Use

When you enter, you will be met with a small pop up where you have to type in you gender, gender preference, preferential age range, state, country etc. Once that is done, you will have to fill in your email and select a password to start your account. Unlike a few other dating sites, you need to have an email and password to gain access to the site. Once you have registered your account, you need to go through 5 screens where you need to fill additional information in regards to your expectations. You can fill up details pertaining to your potential partner’s hair color, eye color, height etc. After the 5 screens have been filled, you have 8 more screens to fill in before you can start browsing the site. These 8 screens deal with your profile info, personal details, partner preferences etc. As a first time user, it will take you approximately 15-25 minutes to complete the entire process which is a pain in the backside.

Once everything is completed, you can start browsing the site, right from the home page. has several options to get you started such as:

Matches – Matches provides you with a random match based on the information you have already entered. You get to see your potential match’s marital status, height, religion, drinking habit etc and if you like the profile, you can click “yes”.

Discover – This allows you to search for potential partners and unlike generic search tools, this one is certainly one of the most extensive ones available today.

Messages – Here is where you get to see all the messages you have received so far, sent messages, deleted messages etc.

Interests – This allows you to see who all liked you, winked at you or marked you as favorite all put together under one tabbed section.


match screenshot 2 has some very cool features which may make it one of the premier online dating sites in the world today. Here are some of the key ones:

Huge User Base – has undoubtedly one of the largest user bases when it comes to online dating sites, which are great to have, because it drastically increases the chances of you meeting someone there.

Mobile App – The site also has a mobile app which lets you search for other members based on location.

Discover – This is the search tool of this website and it is one of the most extensive ones you can find today. The discover option has numerous subsets of tools such as mutual match, reverse match, saved search and username search. The base “discover” option allows you to search by interests, looks, personal and lifestyle categories. Each of these categories allows you to search for various specific parameters within them, to really find the potential partner of your dreams.

Profile Authenticity has by far the largest user base when it comes to online dating site. A substantial percentage of that count is paid members and so when it comes to user profile validity, certainly has a higher percentage of active users than most other sites. It also screens all profiles before activating them, which further helps in ensuring that the matches you get are real people, with real intentions to find partners.

Safety and Security

The website offers the latest technology with respect to online security and follows the industry standard to ensure the privacy of their users. All usernames, passwords and privacy data is encrypted and in addition to all that, constantly screens profiles to ensure that no user breaks their privacy policies. All in all, it’s a secure site that takes care of their user data efficiently and cautiously.


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Free Membership – You can view potential matches for free, but if you want to make use of unique features to aid you in communicating with your matches, you need to opt for a paid membership.

Paid Membership – If you go for a paid membership plan and actively use the website to find no matches within 6 months, you will get an additional six months for free. This is a great deal to have and it is something which no other dating site offers.

  • 3 Month – $28.99 per month
  • 6 Months – $24.99 per month
  • 12 Months – $21.99 per month

Conclusion is one of the biggest online dating sites in the world today and they have dominated the space ever since their inception. A lot of sites have come out of the woodwork trying to replicate their success. However, what makes stand out so much is their simplicity. Unlike other sites, they focus more on the matches rather than fancy features that don’t work. Over time, they have managed to match a large portion of their users with other individuals successfully, to generate the massive word of mouth they have today. The only negative aspect about the site is the lack of additional unique features. The current features they have are basic and while they work great, it’s hard to get excited about them.


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