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Value For Money

8.7 /10

Active Authentic Users

7.8 /10

Intuitive Experience

8.6 /10

Customer Experience

7.5 /10

Privacy and Safety

7.7 /10

HWerks is an online dating site targeted exclusively at people with Herpes. There are a few popular sites out there that help people suffering from herpes find love, but HWerks.com is pretty unique in a significant way. Unlike other sites, they use Ning.com to launch social media sites which in turn helps to build a community. This great synergy really helps in expanding their membership base, which in turn helps their users find the partner of their dreams. They also only have paid members, which has an upside as well as a downside. The great thing is that, members can be assured that the person they are trying to contact is real and there won’t be any lurkers wandering in and out of this site. The bad side is that, because of the paid membership access, the site has fewer users than most other sites.


HWerks claims to be very different from other similar websites by offering people who suffer from herpes a chance to find a deep meaningful partnership. Their claim is not only based on the various features they provide, but also their unique way of building a community through social media. Is it truly a revolutionary way to help people with herpes find the partner of their dreams, or, is it just a gimmick? We will be finding that out soon.

First Impression

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Right off the bat, the website isn’t as professional as most other dating sites you see out there. The interface honestly looks outdated and the layout seems bland. At first glance, it really doesn’t even look like a dating site, which is a shame because the various features it provides is pretty unique. On the main page, you see a list of all the features the site provides, reviews and more, which is nice to see but it’s just done in a bad way, visually.

How to Use

HWerks.com is unique from other online dating sites, because it is 100 percent membership based and so you don’t have to worry about coming across fake profiles. This helps to build a real robust community because there are only real people and their experiences. They don’t even have different paid membership packages. Instead, you have to pay a one-time fee to use the site forever. Another great advantage is that the mandatory paid membership makes sure that there are no lurkers on the site. So you don’t have to worry that your neighbor might find out you have herpes by accidently lurking through the site. It offers privacy and ensures a community filled with real people with a common purpose. Some of the options you can find on the site are;
Go Mobile – HWerks also has a mobile app that will allow you to check your mails, view member profiles, browse forums and upload pictures, videos using the app.

Privacy Settings – For a website whose target audience has herpes, privacy is paramount, as there is still stigma surrounding STDs in our society. You can customize your privacy settings to decide the visibility of your profile.
Forums – HWerks.com has an active forum where members can discuss a variety of topics ranging from STDs, to their experiences and just about any topic they want to bring awareness to.

Blogs – Members can also create and publish their own blogs to share their perspectives, thoughts and to increase their visibility to other individuals on the site.


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Here is where HWerks really stands apart from other similar dating sites. Their features aren’t your typical run of the mill ones which every single dating site has. They have made it their mission to truly focus on their target audience and help them find their potential partners.

Local Groups – When it comes to a dating site, technology isn’t all that matters. Sure you can create some fancy tools to help people find their potential partners, but for a site that targets specific people, it’s all about building a safe community for people to share their experiences. HWerks.com helps their members to find local HSV and HPV support groups if any of their members wish to visit them.

National Events – HWerks also provides alerts to its members about national events held in the US and Canada every year. This way, members of the site can actually get together at these events and get to know each other more. This is a brilliant way to bring together people, because it eliminates the silly pressure that usually comes with a first date.

Chat rooms – Here is where members can virtually interact with one another in an attempt to know each other. You can do normal chats or video chats according to your personal preference.

Herpes Support – Members can also utilize the support service, if they are new to the lifestyle that STDs thrust upon people. If you just found out that you have herpes, this service will not only help you with the health or lifestyle aspect, but also the emotional support you might need to transition comfortably. It takes some time getting used to your new life, but with the help of a large community, it becomes so much easier.

Profile Authenticity

Since HWerks is a paid membership only site, there are no fake profiles here. This is an exceptional quality of this website, as it brings so many advantages to its users. In usual dating sites, you end up being so frustrated in dealing with bots and fake profiles and it can easily make you want to scratch concrete walls. There’s nothing like the disappointment you feel, after you find out the person you like isn’t a real individual. Fortunately in HWerks.com you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Safety and Security

As far as personal privacy is concerned, HWerks is probably the most secure dating site online. They never give out your information to third parties and ensure that no one can encroach upon your online privacy. You don’t even have to upload a photo in HWerks.com, and you still get the same matching success that everyone else gets. Most other dating sites help you to increase visibility if you put up verified photos and such, but since STDs are a sensitive matter, HWerks will never ask you to share your pictures if you don’t feel comfortable with it.


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HWerks.com doesn’t have multiple paid membership packages that you have to keep replenishing every month or quarterly. You just have to pay a one-time membership fee and you get full access to the site and all its features, for life. It’s an incredible deal and it easily beats every other site out there with such a low price.

Lifetime Paid membership for $30.00


In short, HWerks is probably one of the best dating sites out there for people suffering from herpes. It has great features that help people suffering from STDs to be a part of a close knit community and to find the potential partner of their dreams. It succeeds in almost every aspect you can think of, but it does have two small drawbacks. Firstly, the site desperately needs a visual revamp. While it offers some great services, you can’t tell how great it is by the way it looks. Most visitors might just see the overall design and ignore it because they didn’t feel the site looked professional enough. The second drawback is that the overall user count is lower than most generic dating sites because of its mandatory paid membership model. While it’s great that there are no fake profiles on this site, there is a need to get more people in so that they can experience how wonderful the site really is.


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