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Value For Money

9.6 /10

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9.3 /10

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9.0 /10

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8.7 /10

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9.7 /10

Herpes People Meet is one of the most well-known dating sites for people suffering from Herpes. It’s not easy to live with an STD. Apart from all the health complications; there is still a lot of emotional pain that comes with it. Moreover, we live in a world where people often discriminate against those who have STDs. The level of discrimination may not be as obvious as one may think, but it can affect some people in destructive ways. HerpesPeopleMeet.com helps them not only to find partners, but also to assimilate into an online community of people in similar situations.


HerpesPeopleMeet is unique from other dating sites as it is powered by PositiveSingles.com which is one of the top dating sites for people suffering from herpes. Hence, there is a sense of credibility that gets transferred from the parent site. On top of that, since both sites are associated with one another, a lot of users may find themselves using both. Herpes People Meet today has over 710,000 users and they come from all over the world. Is it better than its parent site or does it fall short of expectations? Let’s find out.

First Impression

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When you enter the site, you will be met with pleasant colors and a simple landing page with pictures of happy couples holding hands. Since it is powered by Positivesingles.com, the layout and design is pretty much the same. While it does have a fresh look and feel to it, the interface looks a bit outdated due to the same reason.

How to Use

On the first page, you see the registration details that you have to fill in, to become a member. The website won’t ask you for your personal details, so you don’t have to worry about it infringing on your privacy. The details you have to fill in are: your gender, gender preference, age range of your desired partner, country and the state you live in. This entire process will only take you a few seconds to complete and then you can start browsing the various features found on the site.

Profile – You can customize your personal profile by adding a profile picture and details about yourself, your expectations etc. You can also add up to 27 photos on your profile to make it as appealing as you can. You can have a private album too, but it’s available only for paid members.

Search – Members can search for suitable partners by using the search functionality. The search tool is pretty cool as you can search by date ideas, username and keywords. This level of customized search cannot be found in most dating sites, so it’s a great feature to have.

Dating Tips and Ideas – Members can access a wide variety of dating tips and ideas expressed by other users. This is again a cool idea to have, as it helps users get some amazing tips on meeting people for the first time. What’s great is that, these tips often come from real experiences other people have had from the site itself.

Live Support – Members can also gain access to Live Support where they can get assistance for anything related to STDs, from health tips to emotional help as well.


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HerpesPeopleMeet has many similar features with PositiveSingles.com, and so, if you are a member of either one, you will get a good idea of what to expect from the other. Some of the features found in HerpesPeopleMeet.com are:

Winks/Chat – As a member you can send winks to other users and chat with them if you are interested in them.

Herpes Counselor – Paid members can get help from a counselor who can provide not only dating advice, but various other aspects such as health tips, how to cope with the disease etc. This is a very handy tool to have, especially if you are new to the site or recently diagnosed.

Quick Exit Button – This is a very unique feature to have on a dating site targeted at people with STDs. Sometimes a user might not want other people to know that he/she is browsing such sites. Perhaps the user hasn’t been comfortable enough to tell his/her coworkers, family or friends about their disease. So, if you are browsing the site and find out that someone is creeping up behind you, you can use the quick exit button and it will instantly take you to another site.

Private Albums – Having a private album is a great feature to have, especially if you don’t want everyone to know you are using this site. As mentioned above, not everyone might be comfortable with their friends or co-workers knowing about their disease. Since anyone can join the site, someone you know in real life might accidently stumble upon your profile. By having a private album, you can control who gets to see your pictures.

Profile Authenticity

Herpes People Meet has perhaps one of the largest user bases amongst dating sites for people suffering from STDs. It definitely helps when your parent site is PositiveSingles.com, as the latter has the biggest user base in the market. Most of the members you find on the site are real people with a real need to meet others. Another great part of HerpesPeopleMeet is that they don’t allow advertisements to pop up on their pages. In short, you will hardly find bots or fake profiles here.

Safety and Security

Users can register anonymously on this site and their information is not sold to third parties, unlike some other sites. Profiles that have multiple offences are deactivated promptly to ensure that a safe and secure environment is available for all members. Each profile is thoroughly vetted to make sure that there are no fake profiles or trolls in the community. It’s a solid secure dating website that follows the industry standard when it comes to online user privacy and safety.


Free Membership – A user can access most features of the site by being a free member, but to get all the benefits, he/she has to upgrade to a premium account.

Paid Membership – Some of the unique features you unlock by being a paid member are: an account manager, access to herpes care locations, customer care priority, quick exit button, private album, profile verification status etc. Paid membership comes in different packages such as:

  • Lifetime Standard membership for $0.00
  • 1 Month Gold membership for $29.95
  • 3 Months Gold membership for $59.95 ($19.95/month)
  • 6 Months Gold membership for $95.95 ($15.95/month)

Payments can be made with a credit card, debit card, checks, pay pal or even money orders. This allows a wide variety of ways in which a user can upgrade their account to a premium one, which is pretty nice.


HerplesPeopleMeet is definitely one of the best dating sites you can find today for people suffering from STDs. It has the backing of an extremely popular site and some really amazing features to help it stand apart from the rest. The only drawback to this site is its overall design. If they were to revamp their entire look and feel, it could easily get to the very top. In short, it is a great site that can truly help people with STDs find their soul mates online.


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