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8.5 /10

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8.0 /10

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8.4 /10

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8.1 /10

Privacy and Safety

8.3 /10

H-YPE is an online dating website targeted at people suffering from STDs in the United Kingdom. Their main purpose is to bring about a positive change to people who have herpes or HPV, by helping them find a partner who is in the same boat as them. It’s not easy to live with an STD, because the world we live in still lacks awareness and compassion to a certain degree when it comes to these individuals. It is for this very reason that a website like H-YPE.com exists, so that they can create a community of people nurturing and supporting each other.


H-YPE is unique from other sites, because it’s only for people who live in the United Kingdom. If you are from any other country, you will be denied access to their page. It is also run by people who suffer from STDs so there’s a little bit of credibility that gets lent to this service. It’s also known as one of the more affordable websites for people who have herpes. Is H-YPE.com one of the top 3 online dating sites for people with STDs? We will be taking a close look to find just that.

First Impression

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Visually, the website does have a fresh appeal, but it doesn’t really feel like a dating site. The moment you visit the main page, you are greeted with generic pictures of happy couples and such. While that isn’t a particular negative, it does make it look like most other dating sites out there. The layout is simple and easy to understand. However, the interface isn’t creative and looks like a generic template based design.

How to Use

Once you enter the website, you need to register and set up your account. Unlike other sites, the registration process is a little lengthy. At the top corner of the website you will see the links to the join page, login page and the sensitive login page. You will also see a page that explains the purpose of the site and their mission. Some of the options you find in the site are;

Sensitive Login – This allows you to log in to your account securely, by making sure that any information regarding to your account on this website never shows up on search engines.

Blogs – Members can create blogs and share them with other members in the community.

Groups – Members can create and join various groups and interact with each other to find common interests or to just discuss the subject at hand.

Search – Users can customize their searches to find individuals who meet their specific preferences. A variety of parameters is given so that the user can really refine their search and hopefully find the partner of their dreams.


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H-YPE has various different features aimed at helping people with STDs find suitable partners. A free member has access to most features, but to get the full range of features, you have to upgrade your account to a paid one. Most of the free features you see on this site are quite generic, but some of the paid ones are quite unique. Here are some of the more interesting ones found on this site.

Greetings/Emoticons – If you have a paid account, you can send emoticons and greetings to other members, which are a fun way to interact with someone.

Private/Public Forums – A paid member has access to both private and public forums which is pretty cool. The private forum allows users to gain access to exclusive content and it allows them to have private conversations with other members.

Blogs – Blogs are a great way to share your everyday experiences or thoughts to other people in the community. It opens yourself up to fellow members and breaks the ice in an effective and casual way.

STD Support – A user can access the STD support page, which is designed to help people cope with their disease. This page contains blogs from fellow members who have shared their own experiences about overcoming the various adversities and stigma surrounding STDs.

Profile Authenticity

H-YPE.com is relatively smaller than some of its competitors, but has a decent ratio of active users. Their recent user count was somewhere around 5500 members which is pretty small, but it’s far more important to have a smaller active community than a large, inactive one. The site is mainly for U.K residents, so users from nearby countries will find it extremely difficult to find any matches.

Safety and Security

HYPE.com follows the industry standard privacy controls on user accounts and they do not share the personal information of their users to outside parties. As mentioned before, the sensitive login is a great feature to have, if you don’t want the world to know you have joined the site. When you choose it, you get to login without having the word “herpes” anywhere in the registration.


h-ype screenshot 3

Free Membership – A user can access most features of the site by being a free member.

Paid Membership – Some of the unique features you unlock by being a paid member are the ability to send emails to other members, private chat rooms and forums, record and send video messages etc. Paid membership comes in different packages such as:

  • Lifetime Standard membership for $0.00
  • 1 Month FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP for £5.95
  • 3 Months FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP for £13.95 (20 Days Free)
  • 6 Months FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP for £22.95 (64 Days Free)
  • 12 Months FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP for £36.95 (174 Days Free)
  • Lifetime FULL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP for £59.95 (Normally £149.95)

All payments have to be made through either a credit card or pay pal, and are kept transparent so that everyone knows that the money being earned through paid accounts will be used to further improve the site and its features.


Considering all its features, the accessibility, pricing etc., H-YPE is a decent online dating site for people with STDs. However, there are a few drawbacks to it, as it’s a small site with only a few thousand members and it’s pretty expensive. It’s completely fine to restrict access to a single country, as it helps to build a smaller but closer community of users. At the same time, it can become detrimental for the same users. The pricing doesn’t help either, as it may prevent a large chunk of people form joining the site.


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