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Value For Money

8.3 /10

Active Authentic Users

8.5 /10

Intuitive Experience

8.2 /10

Customer Experience

8.1 /10

Privacy and Safety

8.5 /10

eHarmony is one of the most well-known dating sites today. Ever since its launch in 2000, the site has constantly updated itself to keep up with the latest trends and features, while staying true to its roots. The secret to the success of the site is its trademarked 29 dimensions of compatibility matching system, which has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals, including those who suffer from STDs to find their perfect partners online. collects massive amounts of information from its users through its lengthy questionnaire and uses it for their matching algorithm.


As one of the top dating sites online, eHarmony has managed to sustain a loyal user base ever since its inception. Its proprietary matching system, utilizes the massive amount of information collected through their questionnaire, to discover complementary traits, personalities and similarities for its members. One of their biggest advantages is that, the site has almost 17 years of data when it comes to matching people online. However, you need to spend a considerable amount of time putting in that information, which is a bit of a hassle. Is it worth it or is it just a cumbersome process that leaves you frustrated and miserable? Let’s find out.

First Impression

eharmony screenshot 1 at first glance may not look like a traditional dating site due to its dark colors and generic layout. However, the overall visual design is something that grows on you as you use it more. The top bar isn’t cluttered with buttons and overall the layout is very simple to understand and navigate. It gets straight to the point and is very intuitive.

How to Use

As soon as you enter the website, you need to fill in some basic information such as your age, country, gender etc which is pretty normal for a dating site. Where eHarmony strays from the usual path is their insanely lengthy login process. In most cases, this would have been considered to be a cumbersome process and many would just reject the entire service. However, they have been able to successfully match people for so long that most users just don’t care. Unlike other sites, the questionnaire on this site allows you to answer questions based on a 7 point scale, all the way from “not at all” to “very well”. Once that is done, you can start browsing the various options such as:

Activity – Here you can see all the activity surrounding your profile, from visitors, updates to photos uploaded. You can also see the progress of your profile completion.

Matches – Matches allows you to see the different profiles that are compatible with the information you have put up on your profile.

Messages – This allows you to see all the messages you have sent and received so far.


eharmony screenshot 2

Some of the unique features found on are:

Matches – eHarmony uses a proprietary matching system that uses all the data they collect, to find ideal partners for their members. The matches section allows you to see all the members perfect for you, and has some other options as well. The “What If” tab is a premium feature that allows you to get access to exclusive matches made by the system, while having the control to choose who you get paired with. Another great option you have here is the “hidden” feature, which allows you to hide profiles that you may be interested in pursuing later. So if you visit a profile that you’re not sure of going forward with, you can click the “hide” option and they will appear in your “hidden” tab. You can also use the “match preferences” option to customize your preferences and get paired with members who would be similar to what you are looking for.

Dating Service – The dating service offered by is very different from what you get from other dating sites, because it acts more as a scrapbook about your life and expectations. You also don’t get to browse member profiles like in other sites, because you only have access to what the matching system offers you. This is actually a great thing, because what you get is something that has a chance of working out because it has already been selected for you.

Dashboard Compatibility
– In eHarmony, you can personalize your dashboard and customize it to meet the user experience you need.

Profile Authenticity

Since the website uses a lengthy questionnaire to collect information and due to the time you need to spend on completing the process, you get a user base that is serious about finding true love. Moreover, due to their success over the last two decades, new users who join are also serious people who genuinely want to find their ideal partners online.

Safety and Security has received TRUSTe’s privacy seal, as the site meets all their privacy policies. It also uses SSL and strong encryption technology to ensure that all credit card transactions and personal info is kept safe and secure. The website also uses RelyID that verifies the identity of their members, bringing a whole new level of profile authenticity to their community.


eharmony screenshot 3

Free Membership – You can use the website for free. However, to get the full value of the dating service, you need to upgrade to a paid membership.

Paid Membership – The premium packages are more on the expensive side when you compare it to other dating sites, but eHarmony has managed to successfully match hundreds of thousands of people every year, making their prices worth it. The various paid membership packages available are:

  • Standard Plans
  • 3 Months – $59.95
  • 6 Months – $65.90
  • 12 Months – $71.80
  • Premium Plans
  • 3 Months – $67.95
  • 6 Months – $83.90
  • 12 Months – $99.80


In short, is an amazing dating site that has stood the test of time and successfully made the lives of millions of people all over the world happier and better. Their unique matching system has worked wonders for their members, making it one of the most reliable dating sites online today. The only drawback one can attribute to the website is their lack of visual flair. If they revamp the look and feel of the website by adding in bold colors and a sleek interface, this site can be the best in the market in no time.


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