10 Best Herpes Dating Sites (2018)

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Dating sites for people with herpes and other STDs are more than a way to find love. Most of these sites are committed towards building an open, caring and supportive community of like-minded individuals to help those in need. Unlike generic dating sites, these websites need to focus on a plethora of aspects ranging from privacy, medical assistance, building awareness and bringing people together. They often end up being a refuge for the recently diagnosed, who doesn’t know how to cope with their new lifestyle.

#1 Positive Singles


Positive Singles is the most popular and largest online dating site dedicated to helping people with STDs find amazing partners and relationships in life. It has over a million users registered and has people from all over the world.

#2 Herpes People Meet


Herpes People Meet boasts of having over 700k registered users and a vibrant active community. It also has some of the coolest features when it comes to privacy and search functionality. Definitely not a site you want to ignore.

#3 MPwH


MPwH not only helps you find a suitable partner, but it also helps you to make friends, seek support and participate in community activities. What really sets MPwH apart from all the other dating sites is the special mention they received by a trustworthy medical website such as WebMD.

#4 H-YPE


H-YPE is different from all the other websites in this list because it is primarily targeted at people in the UK. So, if you’re from the east, you won’t even be able to get access to the website.

#5 HWerks


Perhaps the most unique dating site that can be found today, HWerks may not look like a professional website, but it packs a punch it terms of the features it provides. It solved the issue of fake profiles and bots by only accepting paid members into its community.


Top 5 General Dating Sites for People with Herpes

There are numerous online dating sites that try to provide invaluable service to people who are looking for love. Most of these sites are for the general people and some are specifically targeted at people inflicted with herpes or STDs, due to their unique requirements and circumstances. Each of these types of dating sites cater to a specific target audience, but there is a third kind that blends both. These sites help both ordinary people and those with health complications to find their true love online. They don’t discriminate and allow everyone to have a chance at finding their special partner. Here are the top 5 general dating sites for people with herpes.

#1 Match


Undoubtedly the most well-known dating site in the world today, Match.com is a juggernaut in the online dating industry with millions of users worldwide. Moreover, they have won several awards for being the best dating site and have consistently kept up with the market trends by tweaking their features to meet any and all requirements.

#2 OKCupid


One of the best looking dating sites online today, OkCupid.com provides an experience like none other. Unlike other sites, you don’t need to pay to browse and interact with other members. It’s fun, effective and provides a highly intuitive and immersive experience to users, while helping them find their true love, online.

#3 POF


POF, which is an abbreviation of “Plenty of Fish”, is an online dating site that offers great value due to their affordability. The website is targeted at users who want to find true love online but aren’t comfortable paying a premium price for the opportunity. However, due to the same reason the site may appear a tad bit unprofessional or amateurish to the average user.

#4 Zoosk


Zoosk.com is known to many as the dating site for the millennial population, offering a unique service to their 38 million users. Unlike other dating sites, Zoosk.com uses a behavioral matching system that collects and uses information given by their users, to find matches.

#5 eHarmony


Another giant in the industry, eHarmony.com has withstood the test of time by constantly updating their features to keep up with the online dating industry demands, successfully over two decades.